Irma Budiarto Feb 10 4 month(s) ago

DIY by Chris! A little Glam for my white picnic dress…

OMG…. What a week it has been, I did manage to go to the Bar-B-Q on Monday and got my little necklace ready in time! But what is with the weather. I thought it would be nice and balmy, but on Sunday it dropped to the low 20s!


Well that wasn’t stopping me from wearing my white dress (even though it did require a shawl).


What I have here ladies is an easy DIY project where used multiple crystal bead strands to create a simple and elegant necklace that can be used as a statement piece on its own.



What I used to create this unique summery look was the Azurite Tumbled Nugget Gemstones Beads 7-8mm – 15.5″ Strand which you can see have such a brilliant greenish and blue tone to it. The irregular shapes makes each stone unique. I coupled this with the Authentic Morganite Potato Gemstones Beads 6*8mm -15 Inches Strand. The light pink, blue and yellow colours really pop against the darker green/blue stones. This combo will work well especially during the seasonal transitional times like summer to autumn and winter to spring!


Let me know what you think! I love feedback. And even better then feedback are ideas for me to try…


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